The Yoga Tai-Chi Collective

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The Yoga Tai-chi Collective was founded in 1998 by Christopher Mooney (aka Moondoggy), Jamie Rougan (aka Dragonboy) and Patrick King.  The remaining members are Natalia Price, Melissa Sankary-Wynne Jones, Victoria Fabella (aka Sunkat), Carmen Caberello, Greg Blaug (aka Bernie), Clay White (aka CB), Hilary Nichols and Nynke Koopmans.

Yoga Tai-Chi Collective revolutionized the mainstream dance scene, in 1999, by introducing all-age (no alcohol) dance events that promoted yoga, tai-chi, community healing rituals and healing arts. 90% of these events have been benefits for various causes and non-frofit organizations.   In the past, these historical community gatherings have showcased such talent as Perry Ferrell, Julia Butterfly Hill, Hamsa Lila and the Yard Dogs. 


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