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At age nineteen, I held my first women’s circle.  I originally intended to simply connect my sister friends with each other, so that they could pool resources and collaborate on projects together.  Many years later that meaning has changed for me.  Women’s circles have been a pivotal space for my trasformation and growth as a healer.  It has been a beautiful, sacred and humbling journey.  These circles changed my life.  They have enabled me to get the community support I’ve needed at times, and they have offered me a place to be truly in service. 

We are currently taking a breath from holding our new moon women’s circles, and encourage you to reach out to Sherry or Phillippe as further resources for circles.  If you are interested in men’s circles please call Phillippe at 415-5050786.  If you are in San Francisco you can attend Sherry’s women’s circles, 510-4108876.  You may also contact her to apply to be in GoddessUnite, our free, confidential online network of women healers in california. There are many women's circles posted there (I'll see you there!). We are also available to facilitate more personal specific healing circles and also larger community circles.