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Bio: Nynke Koopmans

Contact:  AvalonVisions@gmail.com

Nynke Koopmans is a founding director for the Mystic Family Circus; a non-profit healing arts community of over 300  performers, artists, healers and educators, serving clients such as Cirque Du Soleil, Health and Harmony, Bioneers Conference, and Green Festival.  She directed the sold out “ Way of the Warrior”, a martial arts, muti-media performance that spoke of love, war and the dreams of our children.  This heart-provoking event showcased special performances by Julia Butterfly Hill, Alli Chagi-Starr, Yoga Tai-Chi Collective and Hand to Hand.  She also directed “Herspirit” #1 and #2, which showcased all women talent such as Climbing Poetree, Goddess Alchemy, CopperWimmin and Goddess of Funk.  Herspirit #2 was a benefit for Casa de Milagros, an orphanage founded by Mama Kia, in Peru.  She has co-directed and performed in over 50 shows through Mystic Family Circus.  Some of these include: the “Mandala Prayer Piece”, “Freedom Song”, “Yambo Yate”, “Earthdance Childrens Prayers for Peace”,  numerous Cirque Du Soleil shows, Bioneers Conference,  the Green Festival and the historic Mystic Family Circus show: “Come as you Really are”, at Maritime Hall, San Francisco.  Her last project: the “Ancestors Wisdom” show sold out , in November 2009. The event showcased performances portraying prophecies and messages from various elders and wisdom keepers. She is currently working on a documentary film about orphanages around the world.

Nynke co-founded the  impactful Chrysalis Education program that taught a fusion of performing arts, eco-literacy and emotional intelligence.  Chrysalis worked with such organizations as Cure Autism Now and Education Not Incarceration, aswell as several elementary and middle schools.  Nynke has been volunteer teaching martial arts, to youth, at Destiny Arts, in Oakland, California, since 2003.  She has also volunteered at MOCHA, Asian Pacific Islander Wellness Center, Global Exchange, and extensively for Challenge Day, a program dedicated to to ending teen violence and alienation.

She is also a land-owner and co-creator in the remarkable 7000 acre land Preservation project, Beyax, Mexico.

Nynke has co-produced large-scale (over 2000 people) fundraising events for the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers Council. She is also founder of GoddessUnite, a confidential online resource network of women healers in California.  She was also a member of the Yoga Tai-Chi Collective, which revolutionized the mainstream dance scene, in 1998, by introducing all-age (no alcohol) dance events that promote yoga, tai-chi and healing arts.  In the past, these historical community gatherings showcased such talent as Perry Ferrell, Julia Butterfly Hill, Hamsa Lila and the Yard Dogs. 

Nynke has been facilitating women’s healing circles since 1998.   She also produced the memorable Mystic family Circus camp at Burning Man for fours years.  There she facilitated innumerable workshops/circles for men and women, and also the poignant community marriage of over 100 people.  She facilated the forgiveness workshop, in 2006, at the Healing Arts festival, Harbin Hot Springs and has been an intuitive practioner of ‘Watsu’ aquatic bodywork since 2006. 

Skills: Performance Director, Event Producer, facilitator of healing circles, workshops and ceremony since 1998, photographer, martial artist (currently training for black belt at Hand to Hand Kajukenbo) and intuitive watsu practioner since 2006.

way of the warrior