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Beyax Eco-Village and Land Preservation Project

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Beyax is an eco-village that spans 7000 acres, and is nestled, 60 feet above sea level, in the heart of the Caribbean Playa Del Carmen jungle.  The vision of this community is for mankind to live in harmony with the the existing thriving eco-system.  On-going projects include:  ecologically sound architecture, a cultural center, several healing centers and temples, a shamanic healing center (which shall be free to the public), permacultural design, bio-dynamic farming, organic food market, yoga villlage, retreat center and natural spa, eco sports, Waldorf school, private gardens, tropical orchards, Mayan medicinal plant farm, exotic wildlife preservation and reproduction, precious tree restoration and hundreds of acres of communal parks.

If you interested in particpating or purchasing a pre-parcel, please contact Nynke at AvalonVisions@gmail.com